Lake View Motor Speedway

Located at: 523 Race Track Road, Nichols, SC 29581


In 1979, Jay Asbill had a vision in a cornfield to build a dirt race track, naming it Lake View Motor Speedway. This track is located in Dillon County between Lake View and Nichols, South Carolina. Because Lake View Motor Speedway was surrounded by farms and fields, it quickly became both a staple in the community and a landmark.

In the 1980’s, Asbill was committed to providing quality dirt track racing competitions, making Lake View Motor Speedway one of the most successful tracks in the Carolinas. During this time, the race track operated on Fridays, Saturdays, and occasionally on Sundays for afternoon races.

Lake View Motor Speedway is known for having the Greats of Yesteryear grace the dirt track, paving the way for the next generation. In the early 1990’s, David Taylor purchased the track. As owner and promoter, Taylor introduced the Hav-A-Tampa and STARS series. The race track was later purchased by Charles and Sandra Miller; and they promoted the track for over twenty years.

Currently, Scott Tripp and his wife, Sophie own Lake View Motor Speedway and are committed to giving the track new life. With the helping hands of Wayne Brewer and general manager, Tim Clemons, Lake View Motor Speedway continues to be known as the smoothest 4/10th semi-banked dirt track in the South.

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